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The sheer complexity of today’s flow and mass cytometry datasets demands automated solutions. Machine learning plugins only provide part of the answer, leaving users tuning confusing algorithms or grappling with abstract UMAP plots. terraFlow offers one automated pipeline—data to insight through one simple upload.


Complete cellular profiling

Ever wonder what you’re missing in your data? Our exhaustive approach evaluates every phenotype you could possibly measure within your panel—the equivalent of 10,000 hours—and gives you the key takeaways you need to know about your data.


Crystal clear phenotypes

terraFlow defines each population with an explicit gating path users can directly interpret and validate across batches and datasets. terraFlow delivers the answers cytometrists are searching for in the language they’re already familiar with.


On demand answers

Upload data, label patient groups, and hit submit. In 24 hours you’ll have a complete immunophenotyping report ready for an abstract. It’s that easy.

terraFlow meets the strictest cybersecurity standards in the industry.

We will work with your institution to meet your individual needs.

Our Promise

Never wonder what you’re missing in your data. If there’s an immune signature in your data, our platform will find it and deliver clear, specific, replicable phenotypes—every time.

Dan Freeman

Chief Executive Officer, TerraFlow

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