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Most software tools are just graphical interfaces to the same R packages. TerraFlow is the first platform built specifically for disease immunophenotyping.


Complete cellular profiling

Ever wonder what you’re missing in your data? Our exhaustive approach detects cell types routinely ignored by traditional methods, allowing scientists to extract new insights from the data they already have.


Crystal clear phenotypes

Tired of staring at a UMAP plot all day? TerraFlow defines each cell type with an explicit gating strategy that can be directly sorted or developed as a clinical biomarker.


On demand answers

Upload FCS files, label the patient groups you want to compare, and hit “Submit”. In 24 hours you’ll get back a complete immunophenotyping report.
It’s that easy.

terraFlow meets the strictest cybersecurity standards in the industry.

We will work with your institution to meet your individual needs.

Our Promise

TerraFlow is the first platform built for disease immunophenotyping. If there’s a disease signature in your data, our platform will find it and deliver clear, replicable, disease-specific phenotypes every time.

Dan Freeman

Chief Executive Officer, TerraFlow

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